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Conducting an All search retrieves substances, reactions, references, and suppliers that match your query. On the results page, up to 5 substances, 1 reaction, and 10 references display with the option to view more if available.

In the example below, a structure search retrieved 941 substances, 1,981 reactions, and 90,189 references. If there are supplier results, the Suppliers button is active.

To view all of the results for a particular type, click the result type at the top of the page or View All.



For substance results:


For reaction results, which are grouped by scheme or document:


For reference results:

  • Click View All to view all of the results on the References page.
  • Click the reference title to view its Reference Detail page.
  • Click Full Text to access full-text options.
  • Click the Substances SFn-AllResultsPage-SubstancesIcon.png, Reactions SFn-AllResultsPage-ReactionsIcon.png, Citing SFn-AllResultsPage-CitingIcon.png icons to retrieve associated information.