Create Retrosynthesis Plan from a Substance Window

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Clicking a substance structure image in CAS SciFinder opens the substance window. If retrosynthesis is available for the substance, you have the option to create a plan:

  1. Click Start Retrosynthetic Analysis.


  2. On the Retrosynthesis Plan Options page, you may change the options for plan generation or accept the defaults; when you are ready, click the Create Retrosynthesis Plan button. Note: You also have the option to receive an email when your plan is complete.


  3. After clicking the Create Retrosynthesis Plan button, you will then see one of two messages:
    • A message notifying you that your plan may take some time. Click the OK button to return to the Home page.


    • A message welcoming you to your retrosynthesis plan. Click the OK button to view your plan on the Retrosynthesis Plan page.