Substance Window

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Depending on the CAS Registry Number (CAS RN) information available for the substance, you can:

  • Open the Substance Detail: Click the CAS RN.
  • Download _SFn_DownloadIcon.png:
    • Image: PNG
    • Structure File: CXF, MOL (v2000 or v3000), or SDFile (v2000 or v3000)


    • Copy SMILES to Clipboard: Right-click the highlighted SMILES string and select Copy or press Ctrl + C. Note: This option is not available in retrosynthesis plan substance windows for predicted substances and substances that resolve to more than one CAS RN.

  • Click Edit Structure to open the structure in CAS Draw or ChemDoodle.
  • Start Retrosynthesis Plan: This option appears if retrosynthesis is available for the substance.