Combine Saved Items

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You may combine queries or selected results you have previously saved.

Important: The queries/results you combine must be the same type. For example, you cannot combine a reaction result set with a reference or substance result set, only with another reaction result set.

To combine saved items:

  1. Click the Combine button. Note: The button will only be active if there are combine-eligible saved items.


  2. Click the Select button for the item type you want to combine. Note: The Select button will only be active if there are at least two saved items of the same type.


  3. Select the combine option.

    Option Effective Operator Result Action Number of Saved Items Permitted
    Add OR Displays all results in selected items with duplicates removed. 2 to 5
    Intersect AND Displays only those results that are present in all selected items. 2 to 5
    Subtract NOT Displays only the results that are present in one, but not both of the selected items. 2
  4. Select the boxes for the saved items you want to combine, and then click the View Results button to display the combined results.


Results from combined saved items may also be saved as a separate result set, which is indicated for the item on the Your Saved Items page.