Email Saved Items

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To share saved items via email:

  1. Select the check box(s) for one or more saved items.

      • If an item is a search with saved results (Rerun Search + View Saved buttons), only the saved results are shared when the recipient clicks "View Results" in the email.
      • If an item a search only (no View Saved button), the search is rerun when the recipient clicks "View Results" in the email.

  2. Click the Email icon share_icon.png.
  3. Select your desired Share Results option:
    • Use My Default Mail App: Opens an email in your default email application (e.g., Outlook).
    • Send with SciFinder: Opens a pop-up window where you may enter addresses and a message.

  4. Enter the email address(es) to which you would like to share the saved items, include an optional message, and then click the Send button.


Example recipient email sent with SciFinder: