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Many patents in PatentPak have been annotated with page numbers by CAS analysts to help identify locations of the most important chemistry. For these patent documents, the PatentPak Viewer will include a sidebar on the left that displays the Key Substances in Patent:

  • Click the location marker (page number) in the Key Substances sidebar to jump to the location in the marked patent. Similarly, you can click the location marker in the marked patent, and the key substance will be highlighted in the sidebar.
  • For each key substance listed:
    • Clicking the CAS Registry Number will open a Substance Detail page in CAS SciFinder.
    • Clicking the structure image opens the substance information window.


You may also navigate, zoom, and download the patent PDF or PDF+.


When a location marker is enclosed in brackets, it indicates that multiple substances are associated with the location marker. For example, in the image below, the highlighted marker in the patent is associated with the range of substances, 10a-10t. When the location marker in the patent is highlighted, all of the corresponding substances in the Key Substances sidebar are also highlighted.


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