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If the reference is a patent, click the Get Prior Art Analysis button on the Reference Detail page to request a analysis. This feature analyzes the title, abstract, claims, and CAS indexing for your patent and uses four different algorithm streams including machine learning and natural language processing to find similar relevant patents and non-patent literature. These documents will all have priority dates before that of your patent, representing the state of the art before your patent established its priority. It ranks up to 200 documents based on how similar they are to your input patent.


The Email Address field pre-populates with the address you currently have associated with your CAS SciFinder account; the system will send an email notification/results to the address submitted. You may enter a different email address if required.

Click the Submit button.


The status of the analysis appears in your Recent Search History as well as the Search History page.


The View Results button becomes active when the analysis is complete; click it to view the analysis as a reference result set.

Note: You may see a Not Found status if the patent is too new to be included in the files used for a prior art analysis or if the patent is not present at all.


As mentioned earlier, you will receive an email notification when the analysis is complete. The email also contains links to the first five analysis results as well as a button to view the entire result set in CAS SciFinder.