Set Citing Alert

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A citing alert will notify you when the current reference is cited. To set the alert:

  1. Click the Alert (bell) icon.


  2. Enter a Name for the alert.
  3. Select whether to receive optional As Available (new content added), Weekly, or Monthly email alerts of new search results. You may also tag the alert with your own descriptors by entering the descriptor into the New Tag box, or by selecting tags from the Tags list. You may click a color to assign it to the tag.
  4. Click the Save button.


Alert Notifications

When there is new information available that matches your alert criteria:

  • Alert notification is sent via email:

  • Exclamation point added to the Alerts button for the item on the Your Saved Items page:


Viewing Alert Results

To view alert results, you may:

  • Click the links in the notification email:
    • Click the View Results in CAS SciFinder link to view the alert results online.
    • Click the result title to view its detail page in CAS SciFinder.
    • Click the View Results button to view the Your Saved Items page, where you can view all alert results for the citing alert item.

  • Click the Saved (bell) icon in CAS SciFinder to display the Your Saved Items page.