Download Patent Markush Filter Contents

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  1. Click the Download icon under Filter Content Report.


  2. In the Download Patent Markush Filter Content window:

    • File Type: Excel (.xlsx) is the only available option.

    • Select Quantity:

      • All Filter Values: Default if no filters are applied to result set, this option downloads all content (name and number value) of boxes checked in the Filters section.


      • Applied Filter Values: Default if filters are already selected for the result set, this option only downloads the content (name and number value) of applied filters.



    • File Name: You may edit the auto-generated name.

    • Filters: If Select Quantity > All Filter Values, check the boxes for the filter(s) whose content you want to download. Note: The Download button will remain inactive until you select at least one option.

  3. Click the Download button.


In the Excel file that downloads, each filter appears on a separate tab with either all or applied filter contents.

All Filter Values Applied Filter Values
_SFn-PatentMarkushResults-DownloadFilterContent-AllFilters-XLS.png _SFn-PatentMarkushResults-DownloadFilterContent-AppliedFilters-XLS.png