Download Substance Details, Image, Properties, or Structure

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  1. On the result's detail page, click the Download icon _SFn_DownloadIcon.png.


  2. In the Download Substance Details window:

    1. Select a file type:

      _SFn-SubstanceDetailScreen-DownloadWindow-FileTypes.png image14.gif

      • Excel (.xlsx): The Excel file contains the same Experimental Properties and Predicted Properties data found on a Substance Detail page. Each result has a separate tab labeled by its CAS Registry Number.


        Click All Properties to see a summary view.


        Click Substance Name to RN, SMILES, and InChI information.


      • PDF, RTF: Select the desired boxes to include additional details in addition to search task history and live links to view results in CAS SciFinder.

      • FASTA (.fasta): Available for sequence substance details only.

      • SDfile (.sdf): v2000 or v3000.

      • CXF, MOL (v2000 or v3000): Structure file.

      • PNG: Structure image file.

    2. (Optional) You may edit the auto-generated file name.


    3. (Optional): Select additional information to include in the download.


    4. Click the Download button.