Super Roles and Roles

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Roles are powerful CAS indexing terms that allow you to find precise information associated with substances.

You can use the super roles (bold) and roles (indented) below to refine Substance and Reference search results. (1)

See Advanced Role Descriptions for more information.

ANST Analytical Study

ANT Analyte

AMX Analytical Matrix

ARG Analytical Reagent Use

ARU Analytical Role, Unclassified

BIOL Biological Study

ADV Adverse Effect, Including Toxicity

AGR Agricultural Use

BAC Biological Activity or Effector, Except Adverse (2)

BCP Biochemical Process (3)

BMF Bioindustrial Manufacture

BPN Biosynthetic Preparation

BSU Biological Study, Unclassified

BUU Biological Use, Unclassified

COS Cosmetic Use (3)

DGN Diagnostic Use (3)

FFD Food or Feed Use

NPO Natural Product Occurrence (3)

PAC Pharmacological Activity (3)

PKT Pharmacokinetics (3)

THU Therapeutic Use

CMBI Combinatorial Study (3)

FORM Formation, Nonpreparative

FMU Formation, Unclassified

GFM Geological or Astronomical Formation

NANO Nanomaterial (4)

OCCU Occurrence

GOC Geological or Astronomical Occurrence

NPO Natural Product Occurrence (3)

OCU Occurrence, Unclassified

POL Pollutant

PREP Preparation (5)

BMF Bioindustrial Manufacture

BPN Biosynthetic Preparation

BYP Byproduct

IMF Industrial Manufacture

PUR Purification or Recovery

SPN Synthetic Preparation

PROC Process

BCP Biochemical Process (3)

GPR Geological or Astronomical Process

PEP Physical, Engineering, or Chemical Process

REM Removal or Disposal

PRPH Prophetic Substance (7)

RACT Reactant or Reagent (3,6)

RCT Reactant (6)

RGT Reagent (3)


AGR Agricultural Use

ARG Analytical Reagent Use

BUU Biological Use, Unclassified

CAT Catalyst Use

COS Cosmetic Use (3)

DGN Diagnostic Use (3)

FFD Food or Feed Use

MOA Modifier or Additive Use

NUU Other Use, Unclassified (8)

POF Polymer in Formulation

TEM Technical or Engineered Material Use

THU Therapeutic Use

Specific roles that are not associated with any super roles:

MSC Miscellaneous

PRP Properties

(1) Super roles have 4-letter codes. Specific roles have 3-letter codes. Under each super role are listed the specific roles that are retrieved when you filter with that super role.

(2) Used from CA Vol. 66 (1967) to Vol. 135 (2001).

(3) Used starting with CA Vol. 136 (2002).

(4) Used starting with CA Vol. 116 (1992).

(5) The PREP super role has been added to records back to 1907.

(6) Filtering with the RCT role retrieves substances/references from CA Vol. 66 (1967) to the present. Filtering with the RACT super role includes substances/references with RCT or RGT references starting with CA Vol. 136 (2002).

(7) Used starting with records from 2003 to the present.

(8) Starting in 2002, the NUU role changed from NONBIOLOGICAL USE, UNCLASSIFIED/RL to OTHER USE, UNCLASSIFIED/RL.

Note: The roles CPN, CPS, CRG, CRT, CST, CUS, DEV, DMA, EPR, MFM, and PYP are no longer in use, but have been mapped to current roles. The roles BOC, BPR, and PNU have been eliminated, but have been replaced by broader roles when appropriate.

Important: A role selected in one type of result set will not carry over to a crossover result set.