Save Selected Substance Results/Search and Create Alert

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To save results/search and create an alert:

  1. Click the Save button and then select Save and Alert.


  2. Name the saved result set/search.


  3. Search Options:

    • If there are selected results, you have the option to save:

      • Query Only

      • Only Selected Answers (preselected)

      • All Answers (Up to 20,000)

    • If there are no selected results, you have the option to save:

      • Query Only

      • All Answers (Up to 20,000)


  4. Add Existing Tags (Optional): You may also add an existing tag or create a new one:

    • Check a box to add a tag; uncheck a box to delete a tag.

    • To create a new tag, enter text in the New Tag field. You may select a color to assign it to the tag.



        • Tags names are not case sensitive; for example, if you have existing tag named "For Review" that uses green, attempting to create new tag named "for review" with the same color just applies the existing "For Review" tag.

        • Naming a tag using an existing tag name but different color creates a new tag.

  5. Alerts (Optional):

    1. Click the Alerts toggle.


    2. Under Frequency, select whether to receive optional As Available (new content added), Weekly, or Monthly email alerts of new results that match the search being saved.

    3. In the Add Email(s) field, add any additional email addresses you'd like to receive alerts.

  6. Click the Save button.


The saved results/search will appear on the Your Saved Items page with any alert settings and tagging you specified.