How do I perform a SciFinder structure search within ChemDraw?

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You may search starting with ChemDraw version 18.2, but you must be an authenticated and authorized user of CAS SciFinder in order for the search to be conducted and results presented.

Search SciFinder can be accessed through:

  • the Add-ins menu. This menu item is inactive until a structure is imported/drawn and then selected on the ChemDraw canvas.


  • the Add-ins toolbar. Note: The Add-in toolbar can be made visible by selecting View > Other Toolbars > Add-ins.


    Enabling this toolbar adds the API icon CAS SciFinder to the main toolbar. The API icon remains inactive until a structure is selected on the ChemDraw canvas.


Clicking the CAS SciFinder API icon on the toolbar or selecting Search CAS SciFinder from the Add-ins menu opens a popup window.

The current structure search options are:

  • Substances (with a Patent Markush option)
  • Reactions
  • References (with an additional keyword or substance name field; selecting this option creates combined structure and text reference search)
  • Suppliers

Select a search type, and then click the Search button.


CAS SciFinder then opens and the search results display.