Create Retrosynthesis Plan on the Home Page

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  1. On the Home page, click the Retrosynthetic Analysis tile.


  2. After drawing or importing a structure, click the Start Retrosynthetic Analysis button.


    Note: If there is a problem with the structure submitted for retrosynthesis, you will receive an error message.

  3. On the Retrosynthesis Plan Options page, you may change the options for plan generation or accept the defaults; when you are ready, click the Create Retrosynthesis Plan button. Note: You also have the option to receive an email when your plan is complete.


  4. After clicking the Create Retrosynthesis Plan button, you will then see one of two messages:
    • A message notifying you that your plan may take some time. Click the OK button to return to the Home page.


    • A message welcoming you to your retrosynthesis plan. Click the OK button to view your plan on the Retrosynthesis Plan page.