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Conduct an All search to find substances, reactions, references, and suppliers that match your query. You can enter a text query (e.g., keyword, CAS Registry Number, patent number) that identifies the subject of interest, or draw/import a structure query.

Note: If both text and structure queries are present for the All search, reactions and suppliers will only match the structure query (text query is ignored); substances and references will match both text and structure queries.

Search results are displayed on the All Answer Types page.

Text Query

Enter the text into the search field, and then click the magnifying glass to submit the query.

Note: You may enter multiple CAS RNs separated by a space, no commas or other punctuation. The search field has a 2000-character limit.


Structure Query

To draw a structure query, click the Draw button in the search field. You have the option to draw the structure using CAS Draw or ChemDoodle. Select the preferred editor from the menu in the upper-left corner. Draw the structure, and then click OK.


If needed, you can click Edit Drawing to return to the Structure Editor, or Remove to delete the structure query. Click the magnifying glass to submit the query.