Greek Letters and Equivalents Used in Searching

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When entering your search query, the following Greek letters and their equivalents will match and return results.


  • Entering an entire Greek letter equivalent works in text fields with autosuggestion capability.
  • To use the actual Greek letter, copy the appropriate character in the left column below and paste it in the search field.
Letter Equivalent 1 Equivalent 2
α alpha .alpha.
β beta


γ gamma .gamma.
δ delta .delta.
ε epsilon .epsilon.
ζ zeta .zeta.
η eta .eta.
θ theta .theta.
ι iota .iota.
κ kappa .kappa.
λ lambda .lambda.
μ mu .mu.
ν nu .nu.
ξ xi .xi.
π pi .pi.
ρ rho .rho.
σ sigma .sigma.
τ tau .tau.
υ upsilon .upsilon.
φ phi .phi.
χ chi .chi.
ψ psi .psi.
ω omega .omega.