Find References Using CAS Lexicon Builder

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Searching the CAS Lexicon helps you find the CA indexing terms for concepts, chemical classes, and taxonomic vocabulary. By viewing and selecting CA Concepts and other related Concepts, you can pinpoint your reference search.

The searched term will be either an indexed CA Concept or substance in a reference document. Note: Matches for indexed substances only occur if there is no CA Concept of the same name.

For example, I want to find references concerning polymer battery electrolytes

A regular References search brings back over 2.5 million results.


Now, I'll try searching the lexicon.


As I enter text, autosuggestions appear.



When multiple concepts are returned, those that are the closest to the search phrase are listed first.


The term I click appears selected under Preferred Concept. I'll click the Add to Query button to include it in my query.


Broader and related concepts are also displayed. I'll click View All for a complete list.


I see "Polymer electrolytes" under Related Concepts and add it to my query with the AND Boolean operator


Note: Clicking a blue term automatically searches it in the Lexicon and displays it as the Preferred Term along with its Broader and Related Terms.


I'll now search for references with the concepts of "Battery electrolytes" AND "Polymer electrolytes".


This result set of 3,147 is more focused than my original search.