Find References Using Advanced Search Fields

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Note: For the References search type with a term in the field, the Author Name Advanced Search Field with the AND operator is present by default.

Boolean operator (AND, OR, NOT) + search field values, Author Name, Journal Name, Organization Name, Title, Publication Year, Document Identifier (plus CODEN, ISBN, and ISSN).


To search using a different Advanced Search Field:

  1. Select the operator:
    • AND
    • OR
    • NOT



      • You may have up to 50 Advanced Search Fields (49 if also using the main search field).

      • Advanced Search Fields and their operators are processed in OR/AND/NOT order. See
        Reference Advanced Search Examples.

      • If you are using Advanced Search fields only, the first field you select will not
        have an operator.

  2. Select and enter the value or property (up to 1000 characters including spaces; commas
    and other punctuation not counted towards character limit):


    • Authors:
      • Author Name
      • ORCID iD > ORCID iDs can be entered in the following formats:
    • Publication Name:
      • Volume (Optional)
      • Issue (Optional)
      • Starting Page (Optional)
    • Organization Name
    • Title
    • Abstract/Keywords: Searches the reference’s abstract and keywords, which are listed
      in some cases below the abstract.


    • Concept: Searches indexed CAplus, Medline Mesh, and Medline Supplementary Concepts.


    • Substances:
      • CAS Registry Number
      • Chemical Name
    • Publication Year
    • Document Identifier (CODEN, ISBN, ISSN, CAN, and AN)
    • Patent Identifier (Patent Number or IPC Code)
    • Publisher

You may change the order of the fields by clicking the Drag icon (SFn-DragFieldIcon.png) and moving the field.




To edit the Advanced Search Fields from the results page, click the Edit Search button in the References search field.