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Note: You may use the search field and Advanced Search Fields separately or in combination.

For example, I'll enter the substance ibuprofen in the search field. See Reference Search  Terms for all input types.


As you enter the text, autosuggestions may appear; you can select from the list of suggestions or continue typing.


Click the magnifying glass or press Enter to submit the query. 


  • Terms that appear in the autosuggest list appear as indexed substances or concepts in matching results.

  • You may enter multiple numbers separated by a space, no commas or other punctuation. The search field has a 2000-character limit.

This search returns 40,449 reference results mentioning ibuprofen.



  • Use Boolean search operators and modifiers to target your text search query. By default, multiple search terms without operators are implicitly joined by "or," and the query could return results containing from one to all of the terms along with their plurals and synonyms.

    For example, a references search for turmeric immune cells returns over 11 million results; focusing the query by adding the and operator and quotation marks to search turmeric and "immune cells" returns 124 results.

  • You may also use wildcard characters. See Reference Search Using Wildcards for more information.

You may use the search field and Advanced Search Fields separately or in combination. For example, I'll add:

  • AND Author Name: Dill, David
  • AND Patent Identifier: US20180264013



  • The value(s) in the search field are combined with the output of the Advanced Search
    Fields (operators are processed in OR/AND/NOT order): Ibuprofen AND (Author Name:
    Dill, David AND Patent Identifier: US20180264013). Important: The first operator selected determines the relationship of Advanced Search Fields and operators to any terms entered in the search field.
  • You may change the order of the fields by clicking the Drag icon (SFn-DragFieldIcon.png) and moving the field.




This search returns 29 results containing Ibuprofen that also have David Dill as the author and US20180264013 as a patent identifier.


Reference Search Terms

Search field terms may be:

  • Research Topic/Keyword/Concept (e.g., analgesics)
  • Substance (Chemical) Name (e.g., ibuprofen, amyloid ß, sigma bonds, interferon .alpha.)
    Note: For more information, see Greek Letters and Equivalents Used in Searching.
  • CAS Registry Number (with dashes, e.g., 51146-57-7)
  • Accession Number (e.g., 1986:230471)
  • PubMed ID Number (e.g., 15980585)
  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI) (e.g., 10.1093/nar/gki470)
  • Patent Identifier:
    • Patent Number (no spaces, e.g., US4571400)
    • Patent Application Number (with dash, e.g., US1984-682902)