June 3, 2024

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Projects Workflow Expansion

Projects in CAS SciFinder are being enhanced with the new ability to download the project. This enhancement will aid users in collaborating and further sharing information, in managing a list of references to create citations, and utilizing findings to create a report.

From a project, a new download option is presented for both references and substances.


On the References tab, the download menu includes the following export formats: RIS, XLSX, PDF, TXT, and RTF.


On the Substances tab, the download menu includes the following export formats: XLSX, PDF, RTF, and SDF.


In addition, UI updates were made to make it easier for users to add references and substances to projects. On the references result page, a new icon is presented on each result to quickly add a specific reference to projects.


For more information, see Downloading a Project.

Download Enhancement: Include New Experimental Properties

Substance detail downloads have been updated to include expanded experimental properties.