February 27, 2024

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Reaction Text Search Improvements

Text-based reaction searching in CAS SciFindern has gotten more powerful with new improvements.

Improved Support for Multiple Terms

Reaction text searching capabilities have been expanded to support use of multiple substance names, mixed case queries containing substance names and identifiers, mixed case queries containing substance and document identifiers, and mixed case queries containing document identifiers and reaction identifiers.

Improved Boolean Control

Users can now leverage Boolean operators in their reaction text queries to exert greater control over terms that will or will not be returned in the results. Please note the “NOT” operator is only supported with single-step reactions.

Improved Phrase Query Support

Support for the reaction-specific phrases “synthesis of”, “preparation of”, and “production of” allows users to specify the desired product of a reaction. In addition, if one of the previous phrases is paired with “from” followed by a substance, the results will include the specified reactant and product.

Alerts Enhancement

Alerts have been improved with the ability to include multiple recipients, enabling users to easily share new information.

From a result page, selecting the “Save” menu will open the Save and Alert window. Enabling “Alerts” presents options for frequency of updates and to include multiple recipients.


Additionally, the Saved Items page has been updated to improve ease of setting alerts. From the Saved Items page, users can select the “alert” icon to add or modify alerts. Additional recipients can be added by updating the alert settings.



CAS Draw Enhancement

CAS Draw in CAS SciFindern has been enhanced with a time saving feature: protecting group shortcuts! Now, users can select from a list of protecting groups to aid in their chemical structure searching.


GHS Enhancements

GHS data displays on substance detail pages have been enhanced with new filter controls. Users can filter the GHS table by code, hazard statement, class, and/or source to find the right information.


Scope Notes in Lexicon

Scope notes, or short descriptions, have been added to concept terms in the Lexicon when available. These help to provide definitions or context to Lexicon terms.