January 29, 2024

  • Updated
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“For You” Enhancements

“For You” in CAS SciFindern has been enhanced to further support workflow needs with options to add all recommended references to a Project, to save all recommended references, or to view the recommended references as a result set.

From the For You tab, a new menu option is presented:


Selecting Add all to Project opens a window to select an existing Project or create a new one. Similarly, selecting Save all will opens a window to create a new saved item and add tags if desired.



Selecting View these References opens recommendations as a result set, with up to 25 recommended references presented. From here, typical features are available such as filtering options, Knowledge Graph, Citation Map, saving, and adding to Projects.

See Adding, Saving, and Viewing Recommendations for more information.

Display Assignee in Reaction Results and Downloads

Reaction results have been enhanced with display of assignee information. This aids in understanding the organizations present in an answer set.


Additionally, both reference and reaction downloads now contain assignee information.