January 8, 2024

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Share Project Files

Project Files in CAS SciFindern are being enhanced with the ability to share! Now, users can invite colleagues to collaborate on a project.

After creating a project, a new menu option to “Share Project” is available.


Selecting “Share Project” opens a new window to enter email addresses of intended collaborators. Permissions can be set within this dialog to designate collaborators as editors (who can edit project content) and viewers (who can only view project content).


Collaborators added to a Project will receive an email invitation with a link to view the project in CAS SciFindern.

See Sharing a Project for more information.

Simplify User Asset Navigation

A new toolbar menu has been added to CAS SciFindern to organize a single location for helpful features such as Search History, Projects, Alerts, and Saved Items.


Note that submitting product feedback has also been moved to this unified location:

SF-2024-01-09-4.pngIncrease Number of Results per Page

The number of results per page has been increased to enable easier review of answer sets. Up to 100 references, 100 substances, and 100 suppliers are now displayed on each respective result page.

Display Assignee in Reference Results

Reference results have been enhanced with display of assignee information. This aids in understanding the organizations present in an answer set.

SF-2024-01-09-5.pngGHS Hazard Enhancements

GHS hazard data in CAS SciFindern has been improved with the addition of class data and sorting controls in the table.