October 9, 2023

  • Updated
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Expanded Experimental Properties

Substance details in CAS SciFinderⁿ are being further enhanced with additional experimental properties: phase diagram point, thermodynamic properties (including formation enthalpy, free energy of formation, and heat capacity), and dissociation constants (Ka and Kb).


Enhance Substance Detail Downloads with Reference, Reaction, and Supplier Counts

Substance detail downloads are being enhanced to display the counts of related references, reactions, and suppliers. Now users can see at a glance how often the substance has been found in the literature, how many reactions the substance participates in, and the number of commercial sources for purchasing the substance.


Download Reactions in RTF Format

Users can now download reactions in an easy-to-edit format with the RTF option. This enables better post-processing and reporting.



Maximize CAS Draw

CAS Draw has been enhanced with the ability to maximize the drawing canvas. This will allow users to more easily view large structures before submitting a search.


Once the canvas has been maximized, the setting is retained as a sticky preference and CAS Draw is opened in a maximized state until change is made to minimize it.


Multi-Step Reaction Mapping

Reaction searching in CAS SciFinderⁿ is getting more powerful with the option to retrieve multistep reactions with mapped queries. Mapping atoms allows users to create queries with specific transformations, brings back more accurate answers, and reduces noise.

When a reaction structure query is submitted with mapped atoms, as in the following example, the results will now include multistep reactions with mapping available.