Find References by ORCID iD

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Using Advanced Search, you may find references by ORCID iD. The ORCID iD is a nonproprietary alphanumeric code to uniquely identify authors and contributors of scholarly communication as well as ORCID's website and services to look up authors and their bibliographic output.

  1. Select the References search type.


  2. Select Authors > ORCID iD, and then enter the ID in one of the following formats:
    • 16 digits with hyphens: e.g., 0000-0001-2345-6789
    • 16 digits without hyphens: e.g., 0000000123456789
    • URL for the ORCID record: e.g.,



  3. Click the SF-MagnifyingGlassIcon.png icon.


On the References result page, you will see the corresponding author name highlighted with the ORCID iD logo _SFn-ORCIDiD-Logo.png. Clicking the author name displays the URL for the ORCID record; clicking the URL opens the ORCID record in a separate tab/window.