Find a Reference Using Publication Information

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Using Advanced Search Fields, you may find a specific reference using information about the publication in which it was published. In the following example, let's find an article we know appeared in the journal Nature medicine, has the words "immune system" in the title, and was published in 2017.

  1. Select the References search type.


  2. Select Publication Name.


  3. Enter as much of the following information as you know:
    • Publication Name
      Tip: Use the CAS Source Index (CASSI) tool to lookup/confirm publication titles and abbreviations.
    • Volume Number
    • Issue Number
    • Starting Page (for the article)


  4. Add another Advanced Search Field, click Select > Title, and enter the title words from our example, "immune system."



  5. Add another Advanced Search Field, click Select > Publication Year, and enter the year from our example (2017) into both year fields to focus on that specific year.


  6. Click the SF-MagnifyingGlassIcon.png icon.

On the References page, we are now seeing the article published in the journal Nature Medicine in 2017 with the words "immune system" in the title.