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To access, select Settings from the Account menu.


By default, Manually Apply Filters and Structure Preferences > Display CAS Index Name are off.


After switching a setting ON or OFF, click the SciFinder logo to return to the Home page. Note: Any other open SciFinder tabs/pages must be refreshed for any setting changes to apply.


Manually Apply Filters

Turning this setting on displays an Apply Filters button, which must be clicked to apply the selected filter(s).


Customize Result Filter Order

This setting enables you to select the filters that display and the order in which they appear for Substance, Reaction, Reference, and Supplier results.

Click Edit for a result type to customize its filters.


By default, all available filters display in the Included Filters column. To remove a filter from displaying for the result type, click-and-drag it to the Unused and Available Filters column.



To change the display order of the Included Filters, click-and-drag the filter name to the desired place in the list.



Any customizations you make will remain until you click the reset filter order link.


Structure Preferences

Display CAS Index Name

When this setting is on, the CAS index name for a substance displays instead of the CAS preferred name.

_SFn-Settings_DisplayCASIndexNameOn.png _SFn-Settings_DisplayCASIndexNameOff.png

Show Structures on Reference Detail

When this setting is on, structures appear in the Substances section of a Reference Detail page.

_SFn-Settings_ShowStructuresOn.png _SFn-Settings_ShowStructuresOff.png

Alert Preferences

On by default, turn this setting off to stop receiving emails when new results are added to all alert-enabled saved items.