Precision Search

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Multi-term reference search queries are matched against indexed concepts and substances, using the terms' order and proximity to return a more focused result set. When a multi-term substance query is recognized, the individual terms comprising the query are not searched as individual terms.

Depending upon the nature of the query and additional terms, Precision Search will at times dramatically reduce the size of a reference result set.

Here are two simple examples of single multi-term substance query to demonstrate the reduction in result counts:

Query Precision Search Non-Precision Search
L-phenylalanine methyl ester 4,030 results 3,315,953 results
TTF radical cation 499 results 41,147 results

Additionally, Precision Search uses substance synonyms when reference searching. Due to the new valid documents discovered via synonyms, at times the result set size will either be of similar size to the prior non-precision result or even larger.

Here are two simple examples where the enhanced synonym usage increased result set size:

Query Precision Search Non-Precision Search
Vinyl carbocation 1,125 results 532 results
Yttrium oxide 255,200 results 122,157 results

When a multi-term substance is recognized in a reference query, that substance is searched not only as an indexed entry for a document, but also in titles, abstracts, and keywords (similar to using a bound phrase (quotation marks) in a query).