March 27, 2023

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The new Projects feature greatly enhances workflow support in SciFindern by allowing users to organize, store, and share references within the context of a project.

To begin, users can create a new project from the Projects page:


Once a project has been created, options to edit, change color, and delete are available:


From a reference result set, references can be added to an existing project. Users can also create new projects from the result page if desired.


In addition to adding a single reference result to a project, users can select all references on a page and add them in bulk to a project using the Save and Alert button.


Similarly, on a reference detail page the user has the option to add the reference to a project through the Save button:


Once a project is populated with references, the user can review all references within the project. Options to share references are also presented.


Similar References

With the new recommendations engine in SciFindern, the best scientific content is being layered with new technologies to make recommendations to users. Now, users can explore and browse a topic of interest without having to craft a new search.

From a reference detail, users are presented with similar references, can navigate directly to one of the similar reference details, or review up to 500 recommendations by clicking the Get Similar References button.



Filter Substances by Reference Availability

There is a new filter option for substance results allowing users to eliminate any substances with no references or to focus on those substances without references.