January 30, 2023

  • Updated
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Download RDfiles in V3000 Format

Reaction result and detail downloads have been enhanced to support V3000 molfile format, also known as extended molfile format. This offers support for larger molecules as well as extended stereochemistry support.


Updated Iconography

Icons throughout CAS SciFindern have been updated to a new design standard. The new icons have greater contrast for increased legibility.


Enhanced Delete History

This enhancement provides users greater control over deleting items from their Search History. Now, users can delete all items simply by clicking the “delete” icon, without having to select all items.

Upon selecting the “delete” icon with no selections present, the user is presented with a message asking to confirm deleting all entries:


If the user has selected one or more searches and selected the “delete” icon, a new window is presented to confirm deletion:


CAS SciFindern Live: What’s New and Upcoming

In this upcoming webinar, CAS experts will go in-depth on some recent enhancements to CAS SciFindern to help you understand the impact on your research efforts. We will also preview some additional enhancements you can expect in the coming months. Register for this free session today.