Sort Supplier Results

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You may sort suppliers by name, ships within time, or substance purity. Note: Any suppliers you have designated as Preferred will appear first in your results:

  • Relevance - Descending relevance based on the CAS Registry Number match and optimal stock status, shipping time, and purity.
  • Price: Low to High/High to Low - Price per kilogram.
  • Supplier: A to Z - Alphabetical order by supplier name.
  • Supplier: Z to A - Reverse alphabetical order by supplier name.
  • Ships Within - Ascending order by weeks in the Availability column:
    • Ships within 1 week
    • Ships within 2 weeks
    • Ships within 4 weeks
    • Ships within 8 weeks
    • Ships in over 8 weeks
  • Purity - Descending order by percentage in the Purity column:
    • >=99%
    • 95-98%
    • 90-94%
    • <90%

Changing the sort order has no effect on previously employed filters and the sort order is saved in downloads and with the query or bookmark if you save or share the sorted supplier result set.