October 24, 2018

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Export References in Tagged Format (.txt) – Phase 1 and 2

This release allows users to export a reference result set or detail record in Tagged Format (.txt) similar to CAS SciFinder for use in EndNote® or other citation managers.

On a reference result set or detail page, an option to export in Tagged Format (.txt) is present in the Download drop-down menu.


Selecting Tagged Format (txt.) exports selected reference(s) with the default file name of 'References_YYYYMMDD_HHMM.txt' (e.g., References_20181024_1525.txt) from a result set and 'Reference_YYYYMMDD_HHMM.txt' (e.g., Reference_20181024_1525.txt) from a reference detail.

The current export limit of 1000 references is enforced.

The following fields from the reference are included in the download:

  • Database
  • Title
  • Accession Number
  • Abstract
  • Author
  • Chemical Abstracts Number (CAN)
  • Corporate Source
  • URL
  • Document Type
  • Internat.Standard Doc. Number
  • Journal Title
  • Full Journal Title
  • Language
  • Volume
  • Issue
  • Page
  • Publication Year
  • Publication Date
  • Supplementary Terms
  • DOI - Digital Object Identifier
  • Section Code
  • Section Title
  • CA Section Cross-references

The following fields will be included in a subsequent release:

  • CAS Registry Numbers (including Patent PDF Page Numbers)
  • PCT Designated States
  • PCT Reg. Des. States
  • Reg.Pat.Tr.Des.States
  • Inventor Name
  • National Patent Classification
  • Patent Application Country
  • Patent Application Date
  • Patent Application Number
  • Patent Assignee
  • Patent Country
  • Patent Kind Code
  • Patent Number
  • Priority Application Country
  • Priority Application Number
  • Priority Application Date
  • Citations
  • Digital Object Identifier
  • Main IPC, IPC, Secondary IPC, Additional IPC, and Index IPC are displayed. Remaining MEDLINE data that is not included in CAPlus journals.

UI/UX Improvements

Saved Items

Users are now required to enter a name before saving an item. As a result, the Save button will remain disabled until the user has entered at least one character in the Name text box.

Additionally, the Enter key is now mapped to the Save button. Therefore, while cursor focus is in the Name field, pressing Enter saves the item.

Spectrum Detail Page

Spectrum detail pages were updated in order to make the substance information more prominent in the display. Additionally, the generic page label “Experimental Spectrum” has been replaced with a more specific label reflecting the actual spectrum type (e.g., Proton NMR Spectrum Detail).


Maximum Allowable Fields in Advanced Search

The maximum number of allowable fields on the Advanced Reference Search and Advanced Substance Search pages has been increased from 10 to 50.

A Clear All button has been also been added to the pages. Clicking the Clear All button will return the pages to their default unpopulated state with no additional search criteria present.


Added Edit Link to All Search History Items

Similar to Recent Search History on the home page, all search history items on the Search History page now have an Edit link. Clicking this link directs the user to the home page populated with the query from the search history item. This allows users to edit and rerun all previous searches as long as they do not delete them. There is no limit to the number of searches present in a user's history.