August 29, 2018

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Filter Saved Items by Alert View Status

Users may now filter saved items that have alerts by view status. The filter will be open by default but can be toggled closed.


Under the Alerts filter, the Unviewed bin will display the count of alerts that have unviewed results. Selecting this bin will limit the saved item display to only those saved items with unviewed results.

Molecular Weight – Property Search

Molecular weight is now available as a numerically searchable substance property in the Chemical section of the Select Property drop-down menu on the Advanced Substance Search page.

Selecting Molecular Weight from the drop-down menu enables the value text box and provides helper text to the user.


All other aspects of the molecular weight property search function are in accordance with the previously defined predicted and experimental property search features.

References - Search Within Results - Hit Highlighting

The References filter Search Within Results has been updated to include hit highlighting of the filter query terms, which are highlighted in addition to any previously existing highlighting in the result set. For example, a search for the bound phrase "theory of relativity" returns 941 reference results and is highlighted as shown below.


A subsequent Search Within Results filter with the query terms “Mansouri-Sexl” then filters the result set to five references and is highlighted as shown below. As previously developed, up to three sets of Search Within Results query term filters can be applied to a single reference result set with the highlighting being cumulative.