July 27, 2018

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Display Bio-Rad UV/VIS Spectra

This epic has provided access to 28,195 UV/Vis Absorption spectra for 19,345 unique RNs provided by BIORAD.

These spectra behave like any other spectra. Clicking the View UV and Visible Absorption Spectrum link will open the spectrum detail.

The BIORAD UV/Vis spectra cannot be zoomed as some other types can.

Create Alert Results Based on Entry Date

Reference alert results are now based on entry dates. The entry date is defined as the date that the reference was made available to products from EDH. As a result, only references with an entry date that is newer than the alert date or the alert last run date, which the user has not previously seen, will be returned as alert results.

There is a future epic, expected near the end of the year, to allow viewers to view updated references that have already been viewed or are now search hits as a result of the update. In order to account for the latter scenario, we have added a 6-month buffer to the entry date. Users will still not be returned updated references that they have previously included in their alert results until the update date data work is complete.

ACD Spectra Peak Data Searching

This was developed as two separate epics but they are being released together. These features will allow a user to search substances by experimental spectra peak data values.

Clicking the Advanced search link on the home page (while substance type is selected) opens the Advanced Substance Search page. The Experimental Spectra search section is located below the existing Substance Property search section. If molecular formula, property, and spectra are searched simultaneously the results will be ANDed together.


Clicking the Select Spectrum drop-down menu displays the available spectra to search:

  • Proton NMR
  • Carbon-13 NMR
  • Nitrogen-15 NMR
  • Fluorine-19 NMR
  • Phosphorous-31 NMR

A value cannot be entered until a spectrum is selected. When a spectrum type is selected, helper text appears that is designed to help the user understand the types of numeric values that are acceptable. The search will accept the following formats:

  • Single values (e.g., 1.15).
  • Range of values in the format “min to max” (e.g., 9.3 to 15).
  • Multiple single values or ranges can be searched together for the same spectrum type by separating the values with a comma .Multiple values for the same spectrum type will be ANDed together in the search.

An allowance is added to each spectra search values

  • Proton NMR (+/- 0.2 ppm)
  • Carbon-13 NMR (+/- 2 ppm)
  • Nitrogen-15 NMR (+/- 2 ppm)
  • Fluorine-19 NMR (+/- 2 ppm)
  • Phosphorous-31 NMR (+/- 2 ppm)

If an invalid format is entered the user will receive and error message when the search button is clicked or focus is removed from the entry box.

To add another spectrum type to search the user can click the Add Another Spectra button. Clicking the button will provide the user with an additional property drop-down menu and text box. The user can have a total of 10 search fields between the three types of advanced substance searches. Multiple spectra types will be ANDed together in the search.


Additional search criteria can be removed by click the X next to the search criteria. The first drop-down menu and text box in each section cannot be removed.

Previously selected spectra types will not be available for selection in additional search criteria. For example, Proton NMR not be available in the new criterion’s drop-down menu.

The search button will remain disabled until at least one search criterion is populated. The enter/return key is mapped to the search button when focus is in a value text box.

Clicking the search button will direct the user to a substance result set of the corresponding substance in accordance with previously developed features.