March 7, 2018

  • Updated
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Patent Markush Structure Zoom

This feature allows a user to zoom in on assembled Patent Markush hit structures by clicking the structure image.

Hovering over the Patent Markush structure image changes the cursor to a pointer.


Clicking the structure image opens a pop-up window with zoom controls.


The window also includes the patent number and patent location and the image can be panned by clicking-and-dragging.


Facet Suppliers by Country (Distributors)

This feature now allows users to facet suppliers by the countries of the distributors as well as the country of the supplier. Previously, this facet was limited to the country of the supplier.

MethodsNow: Analysis

This epic allows subscribers of MethodsNow: Analysis to link from reference details in CAS SciFinder-n to the appropriate method detail in MethodsNow: Analysis.

For every reference result that has MethodsNow: Analysis content, there is a link on the References result page:


Clicking this link redirects the user to the reference detail with the MethodsNow: Analysis section open and in view. The user is presented with the method ‘Title’ as well as the ‘CAS Method Number.’ This links to the detail record in MethodsNow: Analysis.


CAS Solutions Facet

This facet allows authorized users of other CAS solutions to limit reference result sets to those references that have links to other CAS solutions. The only current bin is MethodsNow: Analysis, but we envision future bins for Formulus and other CAS solutions.

If a reference result set contains references with links to MethodsNow: Analysis, the CAS Solutions facet is present. Opening the facet provides the user with the facet bin(s) and count of references that have the appropriate content. Selecting the MethodsNow: Analysis bin filters the result set appropriately.


Display Enamine 1H-NMR Spectra

This epic has provided access to +300,000 1H-NMR spectra provided by Enamine. These spectra behave like any other spectra. Clicking the View Proton NMR Spectrum link opens the spectrum detail.