February 5, 2018

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Removed Preselection of Product Bin in Reaction Result Set

In a reaction result set, selecting the Substance Role facet will no longer preselect the Product Role bin.

Previously, when searching reactions with a no role/any role structure, searching with text, or crossing over from substances, the Product Role bin would be preselected if present.


  • When crossing over from a substance window pop-up opened from the reaction condition table (reagents, catalysts, and solvents) to another reaction result set, the corresponding role will be preselected in the reaction result set’s Substance Role facet.
  • When crossing over from a substance result set with a selected Reaction Role facet bin, the corresponding Substance Role facet will be preselected in the reaction result set’s Substance Role facet.

Substance Results Regulatory Information Facet

This facet will allow users to filter substance result sets based on the presence of regulatory information. There are two, mutually exclusive bins:

  • Available: Contains substances that have regulatory information available in CAS SciFinder-n.
  • Not Available: Contains substances that do not have regulatory information in CAS SciFinder-n.

The facet is closed by default.

Substance Results Precision Analysis Facet

This feature will allow the user to analyze an As Drawn or Substructure substance result set by Structure Precision.

When either the As Drawn or Substructure match types are selected, an Analyze Structure Precision link will be presented to the user. This link is not present for the Similarity match type.


The Analyze Structure Precision link will be replaced by a Structure Precision filter with two potential bins:

  • Conventional Results: Conventional search results.
  • Tautomers and Zwitterions: Contains the smart search results, which in CAS SciFinder were the Loosely Associated Tautomers, Closely Associated Tautomers, and Other options. You may select the Conventional Results bin to exclude the smart search results or vice versa.


Make Substance Images Downloadable

This is the last part of the updating of the substance window pop-ups. The user can now download a .png image of any substance in the product via the substance window’s Download icon shown below.


Improve Appearance of PDF Exports

This epic will be completed across a number of builds and is intended to provide higher quality PDF exports. This release includes:

  • Reference Results PDF
  • Markush Results PDF
  • Substance Results PDF
  • Substance Detail PDF
  • Supplier Results PDF