December 13, 2019

  • Updated
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Display MAF/SAF Component Registry Number

When viewing two-component substances (where one of the components is a single-atom fragment) in a substance result set, the Component RN for the multi-atom fragment will now be displayed as shown below.


Clicking the Component RN opens the Substance Detail page for that component in the same tab; the page can also be opened in a new tab or window with the right-click menu.

Reformat History/Recent Search History

The Search History page and the Recent Search History section of the home page were updated as shown below, including changing the Edit link into an Edit Search button.

A frequent issue we have heard from our users is the inability to see large structures well in a search history entry due to the size of the thumbnail. The current workaround is to edit the query and view the structure in the editor. We will alleviate this issue and the need for this workaround in the next release by introducing the ability to zoom in on Search History / Recent Search History structure thumbnails.