October 15, 2019

  • Updated
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Sort Suppliers

This feature allows users to sort supplier result sets.


Change Supplier Result RN Link to Flyout Menu

With this release, clicking the RN link on a supplier result opens the substance flyout menu (Substance Window). Previously, clicking the RN link on a supplier result would redirect the user to the Substance Detail page.



What's New

A What’s New? link has been added to the Account dropdown menu on the Home page and the header of all subsequent pages.

If there is new content in CAS SciFindern Help, an indicator is present on both the Account menu icon as well as the What’s New? link. Once a user has clicked the What’s New? link, the indicator will be removed until there is new unviewed content available.


Clicking the link opens the Release Notes page in CAS SciFindern Help, which opens in a new tab/window and now includes a What’s New section with hyperlinks to the appropriate section of the release notes.


Export Substance Properties in Excel (.xlsx) Format

This feature allows users to download substance properties in .xlsx (Excel) format.

Clicking the download icon on either a substance result set or a substance detail page provides the following dropdown menus.

Substance Result Set

Substance Detail Page

Clicking the Excel (.xlsx) link downloads experimental and predicted properties for the appropriate substances. Downloads from a result set are limited to 100 substance results for performance purposes.

The downloaded document for multiple substances is a worksheet with property information for all included substances followed by worksheets/tabs for each specific substance. The download of a single substance’s properties only contains a single worksheet.

The default file name format is: Substance_Properties_YYYMMDD_HHMM (e.g. Substance_Properties_20191011_1553).


Single Substance

Multiple Substances


Highlighting Improvements

The hit highlighting color used for indicating hit terms and structures has been changed to increase contrast and help improve visibility. Non-title text is both highlighted and bolded.