September 17, 2019

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Boolean Reference Searching

Boolean search logic has been embedded into reference text searching of CAS SciFindern.

Note: Boolean operators can be entered in CAS SciFindern in any/all casing (NOT, not, Not…).

There are a total of five basic Boolean search operators:

  • OR:
    • The OR operator will provide results that contain either of the keywords.
    • Will provide results that contain either of the terms.
    • This is the default search when no operators are present in the search query.
    • Example: total OR synthesis

  • AND:
    • The AND operator combines two keywords in a search to get results that contain both of them.
    • Will provide results that contain both terms anywhere in the document.
    • Example: total AND synthesis

  • NOT:
    • The NOT operator will eliminate keywords from the search.
    • Will provide results that contain the term total but not the term synthesis.
    • Example: total NOT synthesis

  • “ ”:
    • Quotation marks means you are searching for a specific phrase.
    • Will provide results that contain the exact phrase and will not return references with uses of these keywords on their own.
    • Example: “total synthesis”

  • ( ):
    • Parentheses can be added to allow the user to combine Boolean operators.
    • Example: (total OR synthesis) AND “natural product”

    • Example: total OR (synthesis AND “natural product”)


Display Formulations Content in Reference Detail and Facet References by Formulation Purpose

Formulations content will be made available in CAS SciFindern Reference Detail pages for all CAS SciFindern users. If formulation content is contained in a reference detail, a Formulations accordion will be present.

Clicking the Formulations accordion will expand the accordion to display a summary of the formulations present in the reference.



If there are more than five formulations in a reference, pagination controls will be provided.

Formulus® subscribers will be able to view the formulations detail in Formulus by clicking the View Formulus Detail link located in each formulation. This link will open in a new tab/window.

When non-Formulus subscribers click this link, they will be presented with a pop-up window containing a marketing message and a link to the Formulus product page at


Formulus subscribers will have an additional Formulus option under the CAS Solutions filter.


Selecting the Formulus option will filter the result set to all references containing formulation content.

References in a reference result set can be filtered by Formulation Purpose for all CAS SciFindern users.


Selecting a Formulation Purpose option will filter the result set to all references containing formulations for that specific purpose.

Add MEDLINE Supplementary Concepts to Query Classification and Retrieval

When a MEDLINE reference is returned as a result of a hit on a supplementary concept, the term will be highlighted in the Supplementary Concepts accordion on the Reference Detail page.

For example, a reference search of the term cobaloxime used to retrieve 161 MEDLINE documents. In the new release, 162 MEDLINE documents are returned including the following reference with the MEDLINE Supplementary Concept of cobaloxime.


Add Help Link to the Account Menu

An additional link to the Help files has been added to the Account menu in the header of all CAS SciFindern pages.


Clicking the link will direct the user to the Help files at the highest level in a new tab/window.