July 24, 2019

  • Updated
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ChemDraw API

The ability to use Proxy Settings for the ChemDraw API is available in this release.

User-Defined Settings for Alerts

The ability to include updated references in reference alert results has been temporarily disabled in this release.

Users will continue to receive alert results for new references which have not been retrieved previously in alert results.

Export Suppliers in Excel Format (.xlsx)

This feature will allow a user to export substance suppliers in Excel (.xlsx) format from a result set or detail page.

Result Set

Result Detail

Selecting the Excel (.xlsx) option from the menu will export an .xlsx file with the following default name format: Suppliers_YYYYMMDD_HHMM.xlsx (e.g. Suppliers_20190724_1016.xlsx)

Exporting a single supplier from the result set or detail page will provide a spreadsheet with a single sheet containing the substance supplier data. Exporting multiple suppliers will provide a spreadsheet with multiple sheets, one per substance RN containing all displayed supplier information for that RN and a summary sheet containing all supplier data.

Example: Single Supplier/RN

Example: Multiple Suppliers/RNs


ChemPlanner – Handle Deleted Plans

Retrosynthesis plans will now expire 90 days after creation. When a new retrosynthesis plan is created the search history entry will now indicate an expiration date.


Saved retrosynthesis plans will also indicate an expiration date which will be equivalent to the date the saved retrosynthesis plan was originally created.

UI Enhancements

A number of enhancements have been made to the application UI including the following:

  • Fix the Primary Button Disabled State
  • Fix Drop Shadows to be Consistent
  • Adjust Typography to Increase Legibility
  • Adjust Tooltip Language and Appearance
  • Change the Wait/Loading States Throughout the Application
  • Add Focus Field Effect to Advanced Search Page
  • Updated the Design of Regulatory Information in Substance Detail Pages