September 14, 2020

  • Updated
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Identity First Authentication

The CAS SciFindern authentication process has been updated to an identity-first process. Upon authenticating, the user is prompted to enter their username or email address, (the email address that is associated with the username). The Next button remains inactive until a username or email address is entered.


Clicking the Create an account link directs the user to a webpage where they can request access to CAS SciFindern.


Clicking the Can’t log in? link redirects the user to the Forgot Username or Password page.


After entering a username or email address and clicking the Next button, the user is prompted to enter their password.


The Log In button remains inactive until a password is entered.

There is a Keep me signed in option which when selected, maintains authentication for future sessions until the user chooses to log out.

Clicking the Log In button with valid credentials opens a CAS SciFindern session.

If an incorrect username/email address and password combination is entered, the user is presented with an error message.


Download Substances in RTF Format

This feature enables users to download substance summary results and details in RTF format.

When downloading an RTF file from a substance result set, the user has the option to download the Result Summary or the Result Details.

Result Summary downloads are limited to 1000 substances and Result Detail downloads will be are limited to 100 substances.

The Result Summary download contains the following default and optional content

  • Default:
    • Substance name
    • CAS RN
    • Molecular formula
    • Structure image
    • Key Physical Properties
  • Optional: Task History (selected by default)


The Result Detail download contains the following default and optional content:

  • Default:
    • Substance name
    • CAS RN
    • Molecular formula
    • Structure image
    • Key Physical Properties
    • Additional details:
      • Document Types
      • Source of Registration
      • Deleted CAS Registry Numbers
      • Alternate CAS Registry Numbers
  • Optional:
    • Task History (selected by default)
    • Substance Names (and identifiers)
    • Experimental Spectra
    • Predicted Spectra
    • Regulatory Information
    • Experimental Properties
    • Predicted Properties
    • Bioactivity Indicators
    • Target Indicators


Share Functionality/Email Optimization

The mailto: protocol for sharing has been replaced with an email service that allows all users to share CAS SciFindern content regardless of having a mailto: protocol established.


Clicking the Share/Email icon share_icon.png in the toolbar opens a window with fields for email address(es) and an optional message up to 3000 characters.


Clicking outside of the window closes it, but the window retains any changes that have been made. Clicking the Cancel button closes the window with no changes saved.

After entering an email address and entering a space, pressing Return, or left-clicking with the mouse, the email address is validated. If the email address is valid, it is converted into a "pill." An invalid email address produces an error message.


Email addresses can be removed by clicking the X and can be edited by double-clicking the pill away from the X.

Once all entered email addresses are validated, the Send button will becomes active.

Clicking the Send button transmits the email message and provides confirmation feedback.


The email is sent from CAS SciFinder-n Shared Results <> with the subject line of CAS SciFinder-n Shared Results.

The body of the message contains the optional message and a View Results button to view the shared results.


If multiple saved items were shared from the Saved page, the email lists each saved item by name along with View Results button.


Subsequent releases will contain previews of the shared content.