August 17, 2020

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Saved Page - Tags Update

The user interface for tags on the Saved page has been updated. Tags now appear on saved items and in the Tags filter as "pills." Tags can be deleted from a saved item by clicking the X in the pill.


Tags may now be assigned a color when created; previously existing tags appear without a color. Tags with the same text but different colors will be displayed as separate tags.


Delete Alert Results

This feature allows users to delete individual alert results that are no longer needed. There is now a Manage Results link in the Alerts drop-down menu.


Clicking the Manage Results link provides two options: Mark as Read (existing functionality) and Delete, in addition to individual select check boxes for each alert result set and a Select All option.


Selecting one or more alert result sets, and then clicking Delete will delete the selected alert results. The Save button remains inactive until a Mark as Read or Delete action is taken. Clicking the Save button will save the changes and close the Manage Alerts functionality; clicking the Cancel button will close the Manage Alerts functionality without saving any changes. Once Save is clicked, changes cannot be undone.


Display Keywords in Reference Detail

Keywords are now displayed on a reference result's detail page. Keywords that are hit terms from a query are also highlighted, and keyword phrases are separated by a semicolon.


ChemPlanner – Updated PDF Download

The ChemPlanner PDF download has been updated to include all structure images in the retrosynthesis plan overview as well as additional evidence and links to view the evidence directly in CAS SciFindern.


Search Substance Notes

Within a Substances search, this feature allows a user to search a substance's Notes field using a text query. All of the query terms must be present in the substance notes in order for the substance to be returned in a result set. The matched query terms are highlighted in the substance notes in both the result set and the Substance Detail.


Display ChemZent Abstracts in Reference Results

The ChemZent reference result set display has been updated to include the machine-translated abstract.