May 27, 2020

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Wiley Mass Spectra

Additional Mass Spectra are now available in CAS SciFindern. The total Wiley experimental spectra available for the following types is currently:

  • GCMS – 33,131
  • LC-MS/MS – 68,360

Group Reactions by Document

This feature allows users to group reaction result sets By Document in addition to the current By Scheme grouping. The default group setting is By (reaction) Scheme.


Selecting the By Document option redisplays the result set by document with one example reaction and reaction summary per document. There is no limit on the number of reactions that can be grouped by document. Note: CAS SciFinder had a limit of 20,000 reactions in order to group by document.

The reference order and example reaction that displays is based on the most relevant reaction present in the result set based on the query and in accordance with the reaction relevance algorithm.


A link to View All Related Reactions allows users to display all reactions in the current result set from the appropriate document. Note: In the next release, the ‘All’ will be replaced by the actual count of reactions from the document present in the current reaction result set (e.g. “View 10 Related Reactions”). Clicking the link will open the appropriate reaction result set in new tab. If filters have been applied in the original reaction result set, those filter selections will be retained when viewing all related reactions in a new tab. However, the user will still be able to deselect those filters and see the unfiltered reactions from the document present in the previous result set.


The user will still be able to deselect those filters or select additional filters in the new result set.


Sort Substances by Molecular Formula

Substance result sets can now be sorted by Molecular Formula, both ascending and descending. Clicking the substance Sort drop-down menu provides the following sort options:

  • Relevance
  • CAS RN: Ascending
  • CAS RN: Descending
  • Molecular Formula: Ascending
  • Molecular Formula: Descending
  • Molecular Weight: Ascending
  • Molecular Weight: Descending
  • Number of References: Ascending
  • Number of References: Descending
  • Number of Suppliers


Selecting a new sort option immediately updates the result set and returns the user to page 1. Relevance continues to be the default sort order.

Download Content Options

This feature allows users to select the content to be included in downloads for appropriate download types. Additionally, the iconography has been updated and the download mechanism has changed from a drop-down menu to a pop-up dialog window.


Clicking the Download icon _SFn_DownloadIcon.pngin a result set or detail page opens a pop-up window.


Clicking the X or Cancel buttons closes the window with no changes. An editable default file name is present along with a File Type drop-down menu with options appropriate for the current content type.


An option to display summary or details for results in the download is available for appropriate download types. If no option is available due to the selected download type, these options are inactive.

If downloading a result from a detail page, this option is not present.


An option to select the specific content to be included in the download is also present.

A Learn more about downloads link is present which opens the help files to the appropriate section in a new tab.