February 10, 2020

  • Updated
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Sort Suppliers by Relevance

There is a new default Relevance sort option for suppliers, bringing the current options to:

  • Relevance
  • Supplier: A to Z
  • Supplier: Z to A
  • Ships Within
  • Purity

Selecting a new sort option immediately updates the result set and returns the user to page 1. Previously applied filters are maintained.


As Available Alert Frequency Setting

There is a new As Available alert frequency setting. When this alert setting is selected, alerts will be run whenever the product content is updated.

This alert setting appears in the Save Search dialog when a query is saved or the Alerts menu for a previously saved query on the Saved page.



Extend Concept Filter to Include MEDLINE MeSH Terms and Supplementary Concepts

The Concept filter for a reference result set now includes MEDLINE Mesh Terms and Supplementary Concepts in addition to the previously included CAplus concepts.



Combine Saved Queries

The Combine feature on the Saved page now includes the ability to combine saved queries.

Previously, only saved queries with selected results were eligible for combining. There are also minor updates to the dialog windows as shown below. A user can opt out of the feature at any stage by clicking the X in the top-right corner of the window.


Clicking the Learn More About Combine link opens the Help files to display the Combine Saved Items page in a new tab or window.


If a query/result type has two or more saved items eligible for combining, the Select button is active. Clicking the Select button updates the window to display the combine options:

  • Add (OR)
  • Intersect (AND)
  • Subtract (NOT)


Selecting a combine option updates the window to display the saved items for the chosen query/result type which are eligible to combine. Clicking the Return to Result Type link returns the user to the previous step.

If the saved item was saved with selected results, the count of selected results displays next to the saved item name.


When the user selects two or more saved items, the View Results button becomes active. Clicking the Cancel button at any stage of the combine operation closes the window with no changes.


Clicking the View Results button combines the selected saved items appropriately:

  • If a saved item has selected results, the selected results are combined with the other selected saved items.
  • If a saved item does not have selected results, the saved query is combined with the other selected saved items.

Download Includes Task History (RTF)

This feature provides a task history in RTF downloads for references:

  • Displays the steps that occurred in the product up to and including the download.
  • Starts and terminates upon the following actions in the product:
    • A new search is initiated.
    • A search is rerun from the Search History or Saved pages.
    • Saved results are viewed from the Saved page.
    • A new tab or window is opened.

If the user bookmarks a page in CAS SciFindern and returns to the bookmarked result, the task history is retained. If the user continues to navigate through the product from bookmarked results, the new tasks are appended to the existing task history.

The task history appears on the first page of the RTF download; downloaded results begin on a new page immediately following the task history.


The task history shown below describes the following tasks leading up to a reference result RTF download:

  1. Structure search w/filters
  2. Crossover to reactions and filtered
  3. Crossover to references
  4. Download to RTF


Update/Remove Reference Relevance Filter

The Relevance filter was removed from reference result sets and replaced by a Load More Results button. Reference result sets will no longer display "Fair" results by default. The initial display of appropriate reference result sets now only includes the "Best" and "Good" results with the result count and available filters reflecting this.


Clicking the Load More Results button adds the Fair results to the result set and updates the result count and filters.

Clicking the Learn about result relevance link opens the Help files to display the Result Relevancy section in a new tab or window.


The Fair answers can be removed from the result set by navigating back to the previous result set using the browser controls.

Download References in .xlsx Format

References are now eligible to be downloaded in Excel (.xlsx) format. An option to download detailed results is now available on the download drop-down menu on reference result set and detail pages.


Selecting the Excel (.xlsx) download option downloads the appropriate content.