December 9, 2021

  • Updated
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Search Key Physical Properties

An option to limit substance property searches to key property values only is now available for experimental properties. When this option is selected, the search will be limited to property values that have been designated as key property values by CAS Content Operations.


The option to search key property values only is available for the following properties:

  • Median Lethal Dose (mg/kg)
  • Density (g/cm3)
  • Electric Conductance (S)
  • Electric Conductivity (S/cm)
  • Electric Resistance (ohm)
  • Electric Resistivity (ohm*cm)
  • Magnetic Moment (muB)
  • Tensile Strength (Mpa)
  • Optical Rotatory Power (degrees)
  • Refractive Index
  • Boiling Point (°C)
  • Glass Transition Temperature (°C)
  • Melting Point (°C)

Enhance Reference Excel Download

The References Excel download has been updated to include the following changes:

  • Patent Literature and Non-Patent Literature have been separated into individual worksheets
  • Included Patent Number Column (concatenated Country Code, Patent Sequence Number, and Kind Code)
  • Patent Number column has been relabeled as Sequence Number
  • PatentPak Links have been added
  • The following columns were removed from the Patent Literature worksheet:
    • Author
    • Journal Title
    • Company/Organization
    • DOI
    • Journal Code
    • ISSN
    • MEDLINE information
    • ISSNL
  • The following columns were removed from the Non-Patent Literature worksheet:
    • IPC fields
    • Patent fields
    • Inventor Name
    • Assignee


Advanced Search Enhancements

Several Advanced Search enhancements are included in the current release.

For each of the Advanced Search types, a default search field is now provided:

  • References: Author Name
  • Substances: Molecular Formula


The Journal Name advanced search field has been updated to Publication Name and will now autosuggest and search all publication names, not just journal names.


Upon opening the Edit Search window from the result set header following an advanced search, the Apply button has been relabeled Search. Upon clicking the Search button, the advanced search will be immediately submitted.


Prior Art Search

Upon viewing a patent Reference Detail page, an option to Get Prior Art Analysis is now available.


Clicking this option opens a dialog that is prepopulated with the user’s email address if one is available. If an email address is not available, this field is blank and must be populated with a properly formatted email address to enable the Submit button. Clicking the Cancel button closes the window with no changes. Clicking the Submit button submits the patent for a prior art search.


When a Prior Art Analysis request is submitted, a history entry displays in both the Recent Search History on the Home page and the Search History page.


When the Prior Art Analysis is complete, the View Results button in the history entry becomes enabled, and an email is sent to the provided email address.


Results of the Prior Art Analysis can be viewed by either clicking the View Results button in the history entry or clicking the View all results in SciFindern button provided in the email. Prior Art Analysis contents will contain both Patent and Non-Patent Literature, and its relevance sort is based on the score provided from the analysis.

Merge Motif Biosequence Search Results

Upon displaying the Advanced Biosequence Motif Search parameters, an option to Combine Motif Results is available.


If this option is selected, when viewing the Motif search results, the biosequences returned for each of the various permutations of the Motif query are combined into a single result set.

Saved Items and Alerts Update

Upon viewing a result set, the Save button language has been updated. When an alert is able to be set for the current results, the Save button will now be labeled Save And Alerts.

Additionally, the save and alerts dropdown has been replaced by a popup window. Within the window, the mechanism for setting an alert frequency has been changed from tiles to radio buttons. The Save button will not be enabled until a name is provided in the Name field.


Clicking the Cancel button closes the window with no changes. Clicking the Save button saves the results/query and creates an alert if an alert frequency has been selected.