October 12, 2021

  • Updated
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Multiple “Search Within Results” Structures for Reaction and Substance Result Sets

The ability to search within substance and reaction results by structure has been extended to allow for up to three Search Within Results filters. These three actions can be any combination of Filter by or Exclude behaviors.


As with the previous functionality, an option to draw a structure is presented, and once the structure is drawn, options for As Drawn and Substructure search types are provided.


After clicking the Search button, the filter is applied to the result set. The highlighting that appears in the result set is based on the last filter structure applied. A summary of the applied filters displays in the filter panel.

Filter by or Exclude structures may be removed and edited by clicking the Remove and Edit link or can be permanently removed by clicking the X.


Additionally, structure thumbnails are now provided in the Filtering and Excluded dropdown summaries present above the result set. Clicking the dropdown mechanism displays the appropriate structure thumbnails. The Filtering or Excluded structures can be removed from the result set by deselecting the thumbnail image.



ChemPlanner Pro Tips

Upon arriving on a retrosynthesis plan page, a Pro Tip popup window displays to the user. The tips can be viewed by clicking the Prev and Next controls and can be dismissed by clicking the X.


If the Pro Tips are dismissed, an option displays to continue to see tips in the future. If the user selects the No option, their selection will be reset when additional tips are added.


Additional Wiley Spectra

Additional Wiley experimental spectra of the following types and counts are now available in CAS SciFindern:

  • MS – 10,105
  • Raman – 6,518
  • ATR IR – 4,859
  • FT IR – 3,309
  • 1H-NMR – 8,129

InChIs and InChI Keys Available on Substance Detail/Download

InChIs and InChI keys are now present in the Other Names and Identifiers section of Substance Detail pages when applicable.

The InChIs and InChI keys are also included in the PDF and RTF downloads when the Substance Names option is selected.