July 19, 2021

  • Updated
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Include Original Sequence in Related Sequence Results

When viewing the Substance Detail page of a nucleic acid or protein/peptide sequence, the Related Sequences button now indicates a result count that includes the currently viewed sequence.


Clicking the Related Sequences button opens a result set that includes the currently viewed sequence.


Download Regulatory Data in PDF Format

When exporting substance result details in PDF format and the Regulatory Information option is selected, the downloaded PDF now contains all regulatory details included in the Substance Detail page > Regulatory Information section.

Substance Result Set Page

Substance Detail Page


Filter Substances by Regulatory Country/List

Filters for Regulatory Data by Country and Regulatory Data by List are now present when viewing a substance result set containing substances with regulatory details by country and/or regulatory list.


Advanced/Query Builder Search Update

Advanced/query builder search queries for references and substances can now be edited from the result set page.

If a reference or substance query includes advanced search fields, an Edit Search button is present in the result page header and subsequent detail pages.


Clicking the Edit Search button opens a window that allows the user to modify their query. General search text can be cleared or an advanced search field can be removed by clicking the associated X. The dialog can be closed with no changes by clicking the Cancel button or the X in the upper-right corner.