May 25, 2021

  • Updated
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Cross-Product Navigation

The CAS App Switcher, which will provide easy access to most CAS products, is now located on all page headers next to the CAS SciFindern logo.



Clicking the three vertical dots opens a menu of CAS solutions. Clicking a solution’s name opens the corresponding CAS solution in a new tab or window.


Include Link Resolver Links in Downloads

Link resolver links are included in appropriate downloads if an organization’s CAS Customer Portal In-House Link for Journal References is populated.

Link resolver links are included in the following download formats:

  • Reference PDF
  • Reference RTF
  • Reference XLSX
  • Reaction PDF

Get References from Biosequences – Global Crossover

In addition to the current individual biosequence result crossover, a toolbar button has been added to allow a crossover to references for all biosequences in the result set. The results are displayed in the same tab but can be opened in a new tab or window. The references are currently limited to patents, but will be expanded to include non-patent literature in the near future.


ChemPlanner Rules Set

Retrosynthesis plans now have a new rule set trained on our full collection of single-step reactions, offering greater coverage of synthetic methods and added novelty.