April 28, 2021

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Handle Greek Letters in Text Searches

This feature allows for the use of Greek equivalents to be used in all text searching for reference, substance, reaction searches (including search within) and searching in filters in accordance with the following table. Searching using the Greek equivalent returns the appropriate results that contain the Greek character.

Letter Equivalent 1 Equivalent 2
α alpha .alpha.
β beta


γ gamma .gamma.
δ delta .delta.
ε epsilon .epsilon.
ζ zeta .zeta.
η eta .eta.
θ theta .theta.
ι iota .iota.
κ kappa .kappa.
λ lambda .lambda.
μ mu .mu.
ν nu .nu.
ξ xi .xi.
π pi .pi.
ρ rho .rho.
σ sigma .sigma.
τ tau .tau.
υ upsilon .upsilon.
φ phi .phi.
χ chi .chi.
ψ psi .psi.
ω omega .omega.


Add Substance Registry Numbers to Reference Result Details PDF Downloads

Reference result details downloads in PDF format now include the index name, collective index (CI), CAS RN, and indexed roles of all indexed substances in a reference when the Substances content option is selected in the Download Reference Results window.


Download Properties in RTF and PDF Format

Substance result details downloads in PDF and RTF format now include all predicted and experimental substance properties when the Predicted Properties and Experimental Properties content options are selected in the Download Substance Results window.


Download Selected Ranges

The option to download selected result ranges is now available. When a user chooses to download results from a result set, options to download All Results, Selected Results, or Range are available.

If results are selected, the Selected Results option is active by default; if results are not selected, the option is inactive.


Supplier Results - Order from Supplier

The Suppliers result display now includes the Order from Supplier link when appropriate Purity and Quantity options are selected.