March 30, 2021

  • Updated
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Download CDR/Motif Biosequence Results in Excel Format

In addition to BLAST biosequence results, download of CDR/Motif biosequence search results is now enabled. Clicking the download icon downloads the result set (up to 100 biosequences) in Excel format. The Excel spreadsheet contains the following columns:

  • A – Alignment Image
  • B – Alignment Text
  • C – Sequence Length
  • D – CAS Registry Number (if applicable)
  • E – Number of Patents (if applicable)
  • F – Patent No. (if applicable)
  • G – Seq ID No (if available)
  • H – E-Value
  • I – BLAST Score
  • J – Matches
  • K – Mismatches
  • L – Alignment Identity

Sort Biosequence Results

Result sorting was added to BLAST, CDR, and Motif biosequence search results. The following sort orders are now available:

  • Alignment Identity
  • E-Value
  • Query Coverage
  • Subject Coverage

All sort orders are descending and the default is Alignment Identity.

Selecting a new sort order reloads the biosequence results with the appropriate new sort order.


Additionally, biosequence search status updates automatically in Recent Search History and on the Search History page. It is no longer required to refresh the page in order to check for an updated search status.

Go to Page

Users are now able to navigate directly to a specific page within a result set by entering the desired page number in the Go to Page: field, and then pressing Enter/Return.


Only positive numbers can be entered in the field. If the page number entered is outside the range of available pages, it will navigate the user to the last page.

Option to Exclude Filters

This feature allows users to exclude results based on filters. For example, a user could filter reactions to exclude all reactions using a particular catalyst or filter references to exclude all references published in a particular language.


Clicking Filter by or Exclude toggles between the two modes.


As with Filter by, selecting a filter in Exclude mode updates and refreshes the results if another filter is not selected within one second.

It is also possible to exclude Search Within text for references or structures for substances and reactions. For example, a user could perform a substructure search of a chemical scaffold and then filter by a particular moiety of interest to narrow down the results and then exclude another moiety they did not want included.

In addition to the Exclude filter behavior, Filter by and Exclude filter selections are displayed above the result set.


If there is more than one option selected for a filter type, the filter name has a dropdown menu that allows the user to review the selected options as well as individually clear a filter option by unchecking it.


All options associated with a filter can be removed from filtering and excluding by clicking the X on the filter name, refreshing the result set accordingly. All of the various filtering states can be navigated through by clicking the browser's Back and Forward buttons.

Lastly, there is a Clear All Filters link which, when clicked, clears all filters and refreshes the result set to a non-filtered state.

If a user has filtered by or excluded filters for a result set, this is included in the Task History for PDF and RTF downloads.

Suppliers Result Page Redesign

The Suppliers result page was redesigned to condense multiple results for the same substance from the same catalog down to a single result with options to select the purity and quantity of choice.

For a simple example, here is how the supplier results for toluene D8 from the catalog Fluorochem Product List previously displayed. There were two results, one with a purity category of >99% and multiple quantities and one with no assigned purity category and a single quantity.


In the redesign, those two catalog offerings are condensed into a single result with Purity and Quantity options. Also, the catalog update date is now displayed in the result set.


Initially, with no Purity or Quantity option selected, a range of prices displays. If the user selects a purity or quantity of interest, the options available for the other will be updated accordingly and can be selected from the dropdown menu.


Once both a Purity and Quantity are selected, the result updates to display the price for the selected options, and the Order Number displays with an enabled button to view the Supplier Detail.


If there are no Purity and/or Quantity options available, the respective dropdown does not display, and the price (if available) and order number are present by default with the View Detail button enabled.


Keep or Remove Selected Results

This feature allows users to keep or remove selected results from a result set.

After the user selects results, the Selected box appears and displays a count of the current selections and a dropdown menu.

Before selections:


After selections:


Opening the dropdown menu provides the user with options to Keep Selected Results or Remove Selected Results.


Selecting the Keep Selected Results or Remove Selected Results option refreshes and updates the result set accordingly. Clicking off of the dropdown menu closes the menu.

If a user has kept or removed selected results from a result set, this is included in the Task History for PDF and RTF downloads.